• 800 Ventures, investment specialist with a focus on South Africa and other African countries.

Investment focus

800 Ventures is Africa-focused investment company

As 800 Ventures we manage our funds and offer direct investment opportunities to private and institutional investors in our network.  We currently invest exclusively in Sub Saharan Africa. We are entrepreneurs ourselves as well, and we get involved only in projects where we can add value and help in growth.

Why choose 800 Ventures?

How we differ


Succesful track record in wealth creation, know-how, in-depth market knowledge of different African countries.


With office in Cape Town 800 Ventures has a strong local presence in Africa. oUR experts team is on a mission to find and offer great deals to our network of investors.


Trust, loyalty, honesty, transparency, impartial advices, long term relationship building.

Our hybrid model investment acquisition philosophy includes both long term and medium term investments in Africa. 800 Ventures is works closely with private equity firms, real estate and property investment companies.

Why Africa

Why should you consider investing in Africa in the first place?

This is the question that people often ask. There is many stories of success, and this is one of best examples. Do you know what was the first country outside USA where a startup valued today $68 Billion dollars was operating in 3 cities at the same time and had the biggest worldwide growth? Most people know that startup is Uber, but only a few would guess that country is South Africa. If you are not sure about investing in South Africa, think about it once more.

South Africa offer great ROI, English language, highly transparent and regulated market. We’re carefully vetting opportunities across different sectors All decisions are based on advanced due diligence and our deep insight into the South African market, and knowledge of the local economic environment and corporate landscape.


Tell us about your idea and why are you doing that.

Send us a presentation on startup@800ventures.com. Upon receiving your submission, we will review your  team, idea and business plan and contact you if we have any further questions. The most promising investment opportunities will be presented to our network of investors.

We invest in people, not in ideas. We are in favor of a technical founder, but not exclusively. We prefer online and software business over hardware.


Are you interested to invest in South Africa and other African countries?

800 Ventures has a hybrid model where our investment acquisition philosophy includes both long term and medium term investments in Africa. In our network of investors are successful entrepreneurs, managers, high net individuals and companies from all over the world. Please email info@800ventures.com. Our investor relations team will review your application and get in touch.