• 800 Ventures, seed stage investment and investment advisory company, with offices in Zagreb and Cape Town.

Investment focus

800 Ventures helps digital tech companies that are targeting African markets in raising capital

As 800 Ventures we manage our funds and offer direct investment opportunities to private and institutional investors in our network.  We invest in tech startups if there is a product-market fit for one of the countries in Sub Saharan Africa. With offices in Zagreb and Cape Town our geographic focus is on companies and founders from Europe and South Africa. We are entrepreneurs ourselves as well, and we get involved only in projects where we can add value, help in growth, businesses that will need new funding rounds over time and partner with us on a long term basis.

Our offer for tech startups

How we differ


Besides investment, our network of experienced technology investors will help you with deep knowledge of doing business in Africa as well as operational support.


With office in Cape Town 800 Ventures has a strong local presence in Africa. We’ll help you with acceleration, business development and getting traction in African markets.


For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We are helping in structuring fund raising processes, setting company valuation and final deal negotiations with investors.

We invest in highly scalable tech companies that disrupt African markets by introducing innovative products and services. 800 Ventures is both an investment company and a finance advisor to companies in the area of technology.

Why Africa

Why should startups consider doing business in Africa in the first place?

This is the question that people often ask. There is many stories of success, and this is one of best examples. Do you know what was first country outside USA where a startup valued today $68 Billion dollars was operating in 3 cities at the same time and had the biggest worldwide growth? Most people know that startup is Uber, but only a few would guess that country is South Africa. If you are not sure that Africa is a great place for your business, think about it once more.

Compared to West Europe in South East Europe all countries are small, fragmented and there is lack of capital for startups. From very beginning entrepreneurs are forced to think how to go to international markets, where to go and they develop products usually on English. In African countries they have all they need for growth and scaling-appropriate market size, English language, similar time zone, less competitors, our help with rasing capital and market entry.


Tell us about your idea and why are you doing that.

800 Ventures typically invests before a company has significant revenue and if the company is doing well we’ll participate in follow-on rounds. Send us a presentation on startup@800ventures.com. Upon receiving your submission, we will review your  team, idea and business plan and contact you if we have any further questions. The most promising investment opportunities will be presented to our network of investors.

We invest in people, not in ideas. We are in favor of a technical founder, but not exclusively. We prefer online and software business over hardware.


Are you interested in investing in start-ups and want to help talented founders turn great ideas into successful global tech companies?

800 Ventures is channeling the right sort of capital into startups with high growth potential in Africa. In our network of investors are successful entrepreneurs, managers, high net individuals and companies from all over the world. Please email info@800ventures.com. Our investor relations team will review your application and get in touch.